The Economic and Organised Crime Office

A section of Ghanaians on social media received a message from the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), cautioning them against engaging third parties in loan acquisition.

The message which was sent by telecommunications companies to subscribers read:

“EOCO wishes to caution all salaried-workers to desist from involving 3rd parties in the acquisition of loans. Anyone who transacts business with such persons does so at their own risk. Thank you.”

Persons who have received this message seem to be wondering how EOCO managed to get their contact numbers. This question kept running through a number of comment sections. Similarly, the question of who a third party is, was raised.

We answer these questions in this report. How are companies and organizations able to send messages to telcos subscribers?

Mass texting is one of the means employed by enterprise firms, member-based organizations, and media companies to deliver time-sensitive alerts and notifications to their subscribers.

Currently, there are companies in Ghana whose sole mandate is to send bulk public campaign messages to clients. These companies work with mobile operators. Telecommunication companies like MTN Ghana also have a platform for bulk messages.

By contacting these bulk messaging companies, many organizations and financial firms are able to reach out to subscribers of telecommunication companies.

The reason behind companies contacting clients and subscribers…

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