A day after RCMP reported about how hundreds of people in the Lower Mainland have been scammed out of millions of dollars, I spoke with Mary – a friend – about what happened to her.

The Burnaby resident says she has always wanted to find that one person and fall in love and she thought she had done this back in 2019 with “Terry” – a guy who turned out to be a work of fiction by a heartless scammer.

“We spoke online and on the phone for months because he said he lived in Chicago,” said Mary. “Things kept building and building as we shared so much about ourselves, or so I thought. He was everything I ever wanted. But he said money was tight and how he really wanted to meet me and how it wasn’t possible. He said he had some money coming to him in a few months, but I didn’t want to wait. He laid out the bait and hooked me. I paid for his flight, but he didn’t show. I mean I sent him the money and he claimed he booked a flight. He even told me a flight number. I stood there like a fool at the airport wondering what had happened. I never heard from him again.”

Mounties in Surrey say they have received reports from 29 people who have been the victim of online romance scams between January and August 2021, losing a total of $1,362,269.

During that same period, 213 victims across the Lower Mainland lost $22,463,510.

A romance scam involves any individual who uses false romantic intentions toward a victim, in order to gain their trust and…

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