CALGARY — It’s time to move so you start looking online for rental properties.

You go through the checklist, budget, location, and so on. Then comes moving day.

But when you go to move in, you realize you’ve been scammed, the house is already owned and not by the person who rented it to you.

Joe Brockman had that exact scenario happen to him and so he took to Facebook, posting his story online.

Hundreds of comments came in, with many coming from people who went through a similar situation.

Brockman and his 4-year-old son started searching for a new home when their current landlord started renovations. He saw an ad online about a rental property in the northwest and reached out.


“I’ve been talking to this guy, who screwed me over pretty bad, since the start of August, so it seemed like it was a good set deal, but I guess it turned out not to be,” said Brockman.

The “landlord” Brockman was speaking with said he was from Fort McMurray, but was currently in Quebec.

He said his wife was in town and wanted to book a viewing for Joe while she was here, but it didn’t align with Joe’s schedule, so the viewing never happened.

And when move in day came, it became clear, there was never a property to be rented.

“I just had to look for house keys that were under a flowerpot. When I was looking for those house keys I looked all over the place, I couldn’t find them,” he said.

“I messaged him and he said they should be there, if you…

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