Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd warns of the potential scammers reaching to residents in Camden.

CAMDEN, S.C. — Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd is warning residents in the Camden area that this time of year is the prime time for thieves with a recent uptick in scam phone calls. And he’s seeing this locally.

Floyd highlighted that when the caller makes an urgent demand suggesting someone should do something immediately, that’s a strong clue that the caller may be a scammer. 

Floyd has been adding that the most recent forms of scams have been people masquerading over the phone as either someone who works for the city or the police. 

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“Whether you have unpaid utilities they will tell you, we’re about to cut you off,” Floyd said. 

There are some tips to follow to discover whether you are being played by a scammer. 

Floyd said that if resident’s aren’t sure about the call, they should hang up and look for the department online to see if the number matches the one…

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