The Christmas season is a time of giving. But for scammers and fraudsters, it’s a time for taking.


During the holidays, fraudsters become more notorious and shifty when trying to get your money. 


“The scammers are becoming more and more advanced with technology and it’s almost impossible as well to capture them because they do use fake IDs and fake websites,” said Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Team Supervisor Sue Labine.


The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is warning Canadians about the most pesky scams that float around during the holidays. There are 12 unique scams the anti-fraud centre wants you to watch out for:


  • Counterfeit merchandise: where websites are created to look like legitimate manufacturers and offer products at a cheap rate.


  • Selling goods and services: when buying and selling online, both buyers and sellers need to be aware that not all offers are trustworthy. Buyers will try to not pay you or are trying to access your personal information. 


  • Fake charities: where fraudsters will use the names of legitimate charities to collect money from those donating.


  • Crypto investment scams: where scammers are using social media and fraudulent websites to lure Canadians into crypto investments.


  • Online Shopping scams: where scammers pose as genuine sellers and post fake ads for items that do not exist. The listing price for almost any item is…

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