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Is it really possible to apply for a loan without a pay slip with PostePay?

Poste Italiane offers small loans to PostePay Evolution holders, but what are the real conditions?

In times of “lean” it is possible to resolve some debt or face an unexpected expense thanks to mini loans, disbursed by financial institutions or banks according to various formulas. Poste Italiane, which in effect can be considered a bank, also offers various products: from telephone contracts to car insurance, and even small loans. Among the latest news, the loan of up to € 3,000 reserved for holders of a Rechargeable Card with IBAN PostePay Evolution. But maybe not all that glitters is gold.

What is the BancoPosta Mini-Loan with PostePay

Who has never happened to go to the post office and see themselves “trimming” various advertising flyers? These are products for sale offered by the company Poste Spa and can be activated at the request of the user. Who, to access it, must in any case have an existing relationship with the aforementioned company: a current account, a telephone account, a postal booklet or a PostePay Evolution. Among the products on sale, the MiniPrestito, or the possibility of obtaining up to € 3,000 in a few days and to reimburse it conveniently by direct debit on PostePay Evolution (the rechargeable card with IBAN ed). Such a product can prove to be really useful for multiple needs: a trip, specialized medical treatment, a down payment for a rent, etc. In addition, according to the information on the post office site…

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Man Pleads Guilty to COVID-Relief Fraud Scheme & Laundering More Than $2.4M Related to Online Romance Scams

June 9, 2021 – COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Lewis Center man pleaded guilty in federal court today (June 7) for his role in conspiring to launder the proceeds of online romance scams for roughly two years. He also admitted to fraudulently misapplying CARES Act loan funds to buy himself boats while out on release from his initial charges.

Eric Ahiekpor, 50, was indicted by a grand jury in June 2020 and charged by a superseding bill of information in May 2021.

In total, as part of the romance scams, bank accounts under Ahiekpor’s control received more than $2.4 million in criminally derived funds.

Kwame Yeboah, 37, of Columbus, has also pleaded guilty in the money laundering scheme. Robert Asante, 36, of Canal Winchester, was charged in the money laundering scheme and is awaiting trial.

According to court documents, individuals committing fraud created several profiles on online dating sites. They then contacted men and women throughout the United States and elsewhere, with whom they cultivated a sense of affection, and often, romance.

After establishing relationships, perpetrators of the romance scams requested money, typically for investment or need-based reasons, and provided victims with account information and directions for where money should be sent. In part, these accounts were in the names of Ahiekpor and his co-defendants, in the names of the defendants’ family members, and in the names of the defendants’ companies. The funds were not used for the purposes…

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Union St. Teen Faces 2 Gun Charges From Joliet Police

JOLIET, IL — Will County Judge Fred Harvey issued a felony arrest warrant last week for 18-year-old Joliet resident Donta Bailey in connection with two counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Bailey lives in the 300 block of Union Street.

Last May, Joliet Patch reported that Bailey’s house was the location of a Joliet police raid.

Find out what’s happening in Joliet with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Six loaded handguns, two other guns and a rifle were seized by Joliet police, Sgt. Dwayne English announced at the time.

According to the Jan. 18 criminal complaint of Joliet Police Detective Ray Jansma, Bailey had a Glock 22 .40-caliber semi-automatic gun on Jan. 14 and “he had not been issued a currently valid license under the Firearm Concealed Carry Act and … had not been issued a currently valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card.”

Find out what’s happening in Joliet with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Back in August, Joliet Patch reported that Joliet police raided a house in the 300 block of Union Street in search of guns and evidence linking people at the house to the ongoing PPP loan scam within the Will County Jail. The house was occupied by Konika Morrow and her two sons, Donta Bailey and Adrian Bailey, the civil forfeiture stated.

Joliet Police Detective James Kilgore helped search the house “during which numerous documents were recovered reference unemployment claims for Donta and Adrian Bailey as well as PPP loan documents of Adrian Bailey,”…

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Watch Ads, 100% discounts and other scams you should be aware of

If you thought after the fall of Destiny or Jubok that people would have learned their lessons about financial scams, you better think again. After a generation got scammed in the analogue world, today people are being scammed digitally.

Getting scammed not just results in people losing their hard-earned money, but it can often be very embarrassing, which is why a lot of people don’t even report such scams before it’s too late.

I have met many deceived people who refuse to open up about how they lost their money. Why? Because the scams, when exposed, turn out to be very attractive to fall for. As a result, the ‘non-scammed’ often make fun of the gullibility of the scammed. Those scammed are even termed ‘greedy’ for wanting to make such easy money.

So even after you lose a large amount of your fortune, you will get little sympathy from the public. Getting back your money through government interference is also a long, arduous process.

A few months ago, during investigating a so-called ‘e-commerce’ platform called Jeka Bazar in Rajbari district, a concerned government official revealed his annoyance to this reporter about people who fall for a trap like making money by watching ads. “It is obvious that you cannot make money like this. Do you get paid for watching an advertisement on television?” the official asked. 

According to some of the victims scammed by Jeka Bazar, after the media coverage and government interference, the scammers have changed their name and…

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BJP demands action against bank directors

Hyderabad: Alleging that there was a scam in the Khammam District Cooperative Central Bank, BJP leader Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy on Saturday demanded the government to take up inquiry and also take action against the directors involved in the irregularities.

Addressing a press conference here, Sudhakar Reddy found fault with officials of the DCCB to lock the houses of small farmers who have defaulted loans. He alleged that while big defaulters are allowed to go scot free the small and marginal farmers are made to suffer. The government does not provide Rythu Bandhu money and in these difficult times of corona where there are no jobs and the farmers are left with no money and now the same farmers are penalised for not paying loan money.

He alleged that the authorities have not even issued notices to the farmers. “The chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao does not attend review meetings of the Prime Minister. Don’t know how busy he is. The TRS leaders always criticise the Centre on every issue,” said Sudhakar Reddy.

Sudhakar Reddy said that he would bring this to the notice of the Union Minister Amit Shah.

The BJP leader demanded the government to take strict action against those involved in drug peddling. There should be no political pressure and the central agencies like NCB should be made to inquire the drug case, said Sudhakar Reddy. He also found fault with governments decision to increase registration charges from February 1.

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“Scambuster Corner” Alert #1

By Barbara Bennett | Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

For details on these and other scams – go to

Be alert to scammer’s tricks!  The following scams are happening today in our area.

  1. Medicare scam – via phone – sending you a new card but need information from your old card. Just hang up.
  2. Rental scam – scammer takes internet photos and places “for rent” on Zillow, Marketplace, Craig’s List, etc. Asks for deposit and rent without showing you the property. Collects the money and leaves the interested renter with lost money and no rental.
  3. Law enforcement impersonation – “You missed jury duty”, warrant for your arrest. Pay by money or gift cards.  Law enforcement never asks for money cards.
  4. Excel energy calling – we are shutting your power off in 30 minutes unless you buy gift or money cards and give the code over the phone.
  5. Paying strangers with Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc. Only use these apps to pay close friends, family, and trusted businesses.  There is no buyer protection.
  6. Paying with money cards, cryptocurrency – don’t do it! Always a scam.
  7. Boulder fires – scammers can set up fraudulent sites to donate. Check before donating.
  8. Selling or buying on Facebook, marketplace, etc. Do not pay upfront.  Do not pay/receive money by Venmo, Zelle, cash apps.  Meet in public and in a safe location to make the exchange.  Do not accept offers higher than your asking price.  Cash only.
  9. Online romance scams – builds rapport over…

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Ex-CIA operative begging Irish government to grant him asylum so he can avoid facing multi-million dollar fraud charge

A former CIA operative has begged the Irish government to give him shelter — so he can avoid prosecution in America over an alleged multi-million dollar fraud.

Soldier turned business film mogul Don Victor Cisternino — who is locked up in Croatia pending his extradition to the United States for charges over an alleged €6.4 million loan scam — also has an Irish passport and has pleaded with authorities here to give him political asylum.

“If I am returned to the US, I will only be sentenced immediately (sic) for up to 35 years in prison, which is essentially the rest of my life for a crime I did not commit,” Mr Cisternino says in a document.

“This is a violation of my humanitarian rights as an Irish citizen and I know Ireland would not let that happen.”

Mr Cisternino has engaged a leading criminal defence lawyer in Ireland to help him in his fight to avoid being put on a plane to America — where he is facing decades behind bars if he is convicted.

Dundalk solicitor Ciarán Mulholland of Mulholland Law has now taken up Mr Cisternino’s case — and is lobbying the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin on his behalf.

He said: “This is an incredibly peculiar case which required answers.

“Whilst I cannot comment on the US federal indictment, suffice to say our client disputes the allegations and questions the motives behind this prosecution.

The mansion

“My sole focus…

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State Police from the Indiana barracks have been investigating several scams over the last few weeks.

A Homer City woman was bilked out of $8000 in a scam through Facebook.  State police said that between December 30th and January 6th, the 71-year-old woman gave $8000 to an person on Facebook with the name Joshua Oliva.  She believed that she was involved in a romantic relationship with him.

State police in Indiana investigated a scam where over $600 was stolen from someone’s bank account.  Police say that between January 19th and 20th, someone was able to access the Sezzle account of a 43-year-old Homer City woman and make $632.69 in purchases that came out of her bank account.  No solvability factors were discovered in the course of the investigation.

Scammers were able to bilk a Coral man out of $800.  State police say that between January 12th and 14th, a 54-year-old man was deceived into giving $800 in Apple Gift Cards to an unidentified man who promised to ensure a loan through LightStream services on January 12th.  No solvability factors were discovered in the case.


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