Idahoans are being warned to be aware of website scams purporting to representing Idaho-based banks.

Patricia Perkins, director of the Idaho Department of Finance, said in a news release that Bay Trust Bank and Rigid Trust Bank were websites created with mirrored content from legitimate financial institutions. The websites claimed the fraudulent institutions had locations in Boise and Chubbuck, Idaho.

The department has taken action to have these websites removed, the news release said; however, the department has found that perpetrators of website scams often create new sites under new names in an attempt to continue efforts to victimize consumers.

Perkins urged Idahoans to be cautious when visiting websites, especially those representing financial institutions. One tip to avoid website spoofing scams includes Googling the address a company lists on its website. If the address is an empty lot, a post office box or a private residence, these are red flags.

Other tips include bookmarking websites that have been confirmed to be legitimate, or calling the phone number listed on the website to ask detailed questions.

People are strongly urged to avoid providing any personal or financial information without first verifying the legitimacy of the entity.

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