The CBI has taken over the multi-crore Bike Bot scam in Uttar Pradesh in which about 2 lakh investors were allegedly duped of Rs 62,100 each in the name of providing bike taxis, officials said Monday.

In its FIR, the CBI has taken cognisance of the Uttar Pradesh government letter which had referred 11 FIRs of the Noida Police registered at Dadri for the central agency probe in December 2019, they said.

It was sent by the Department of Personnel and Trainign to the CBI in September this year.

The agency has booked 15 people — including Bike Bot CMD Sanjay Bhati and six more executives of the company and eight others– for allegedly luring 2 lakh investors to invest Rs 62,100 each for getting a bike taxi with assured income support, the officials cited above said. The company floated a lucrative scheme of bike taxi in August 2017 known as Bike Bot. ”Under the scheme, the investor has to pay Rs, 62,100 attachment of one bike, its EMI was Rs. 5,175 per month, bike rent was Rs 4,590 per bike per month that is Rs. 1,17,180 per annum.

”The scheme included monthly rental income bonus at 5 per cent matching bonus income 10 per cent, renewal income and lastly rewards. lnvestors were free to attach as many bikes as they desire. Investors were in to invest money under multi-level marketing scheme,” the FIR said The agency has alleged that investors from across India were duped by the company and Bhati, they said.

”…Under a preplanned conspiracy the respondent Sanjay…

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