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Charlotte Center City Partners, Duke Energy warn after ‘pushy’ scammer wanted $1,400 or electicity would be cut off

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – It’s no secret that scammers are out to get you.

They text. They email. They call.

Usually, it’s pretty easy to spot an odd email address or a phony number.

But scammers are getting so sophisticated, they’re seeming more real than they are fake.

Moira Quinn, from Charlotte Center City Partners, can attest to it.

“I’m not that easily intimidated,” Quinn said. “You got to work to intimidate me, you’ve got to work really hard. And he was working hard, but you got to work harder than he did to intimidate me, but somebody might fall for it. Somebody might wire him $1,400. I wasn’t going to do it but somebody might.”

Center City Partners came very close to getting scammed.

Someone pretending to be Duke Energy called Moira Quinn.

They knew she was the person to handle utilities for them.

On Your Side Tonight’s Alex Giles talked with Quinn about what happened.

Moira Quinn: “He was very pushy, which was the first thing. He told me that he had sent us multiple letters and that they needed to replace a smart meter for our suite at Charlotte Center City Partners. And that if we didn’t wire him money in some way, didn’t get him $1,400, there was some change involved, that he was going to cut off the electricity to our suite within 30 minutes.”

“So, everybody was going to lose everything they were working on if we didn’t immediately log off, and I didn’t send that money right away. And that I need to just do that right away. He…

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