A scam involving unauthorized Google charges is hitting more accounts from different banks nationwide.

We first let you know about the scam last month when Chase bank account holders were seeing the bogus charges.

At that time, the amount we saw was always $13.01 from Google followed by a person or business name.

Check your bank statements: Bogus Google charges appearing

But dozens of people saw our story online and let me know they too see the bogus charges in amounts of $.99, $1.07, $5, $9.99, and more.

Matthew says he had 13 transactions on his account of $.99 each.

He let me know his bank in Bastrop, Texas, had many people complaining about the same bogus Google charges.

While we only saw the charges appearing on Chase accounts at first, that has changed.

Matthew’s account is at a community bank near him.

People say they’ve seen the charges on Walmart Money cards, CashApp accounts, and even accounts for government benefits.

Jovan in Tulsa says he has a Discover account and found bogus $5 charges.

Gabriel says his Bank of America account was hit repeatedly.

He asks, “what the hell?”

Good question. We’ve repeatedly asked: what is going on?

You think since the Google name is being used, Google would want to shed some light on this scam. But despite attempts to get answers for you, Google has not even responded to us.

We did see one person get a $10 Google refund from a $50 dispute.

In most cases, banks are refunding the money and sending…

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