WATCH out for scam messages asking for a short-term loan.

Reports suggest there’s been a rise in emails and WhatsApp messages from cybercriminals who pretend to be someone you know so they can take your money.


Always ring a friend if you think they’re texting in a suspicious wayCredit: Getty

According to The Guardian, there are increasing reports of people being scammed in this way.

A scam like this involves a cyber criminals hacking into the account of someone you know.

They will then messages you or several people in your friend’s contact list, hoping someone will respond.

The criminal may even read previous messages so they can imitate the correct tone to speak to you so suspicions aren’t raised.

Many reasons may be given for why the person needs a loan.

This can range from the criminal pretending that your friend is stuck abroad and needs flight money or has been robbed.

If you do get asked for money in this way, pause and try and ring the friend.

They may say they can’t speak to you right now but tell them you can’t send money until you can confirm it’s actually them.

The scammer may try and give off a sense of urgency or try and guilt trip you.

However, it’s important to keep calm and ring the person or use a different method to confirm their identity.

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