THE IRS has issued the payments for November, as calls mount for stimulus to continue next year.

As much as $15billion in child tax credit payments were sent to families on Monday in the fifth installment of the program.

After the November payment, families can expect one more advanced payment this year, in December. The other half of the child tax credit will be issued next year when taxes are filed.

It comes as Biden’s $1.75trillion spending bill could open up the payments to millions more.

The new spending program could drop a requirement for the payments that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive the cash in the future.

The monthly child tax credit payments, which began in July, are set to end in December.

Those who have already signed up should receive their payments this month after they were issued on November 15.

Parents who opted-out of the payment will not receive November payments.

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    Much has been said about how the child tax credits have cut child poverty in the last few months.

    After only one monthly payment, after the policy passed in March 2021, the expanded credits cut child poverty by 25 percent, according to Vox.

    If those larger payments continue, it could slash child poverty even further — by more than 40 percent in a normal year, according to the Urban Institute.

    “This is a huge decline in a very short time frame,” Vox…

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