After eight days of delay, some families said they finally began seeing money for the Sept. 15 payment of the child tax credit on Friday. But not everyone got their money Friday, and, oddly enough, some are complaining that the IRS shorted them this time around.

“We got $500. We should be getting $800,” said Travis Mack, 46, who lives in Essex, New Mexico.

The family has three children who are ages 8, 7 and 4.

Mack is happy he finally sees some money to cover the children’s clothes, the family’s groceries and other bills, but he’s perplexed about why the payment is short of what was received in July and August.

The family didn’t receive the September payment on time and he wasn’t sure what had happened.

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Early Friday afternoon, he finally received a partial payment. He said it amounted to the $250 for the two older children but nothing for the youngest, who he said should be getting $300.

Mack, who works in the oil and gas industry, said his wife’s income dropped by about $2,000 to $2,500 a month once the pandemic hit last year and she had to stop working in retail to homeschool their children.

“We were able to make it by but it did put a strain on us all that time,” he said.

The Sept. 15 monthly payout for the advance child tax credit didn’t arrived as scheduled for a sizable group of families. They waited…

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