Christmas is coming – and with it comes the prime time for scammers to steal money from unsuspecting victims. Consumer rights expert Martyn James of Resolver explains how to keep safe

Christmas scams will be out in full force this year

Christmas 2021 is already proving to be quite stressful with people worrying about getting their hands on gifts and the trimmings for Christmas dinner.

The good news is with a little advance planning – and managing the kids expectations a little – Christmas can still go ahead as normal.

But where there’s shoppers, there’s scammers – and the fraudsters come out in force over the festive season.

Here are the latest Christmas scams to watch out for and some tips on what to do if you think you’ve been tricked.

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Fake delivery texts

Scammers may text you pretending to be from a reputable source


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Most people will have received a few dodgy texts from fraudsters attempting to panic or trick them in to transferring money.

This type of fraud – called ‘smishing’ – works by using relatively cheap technology to send you a text or automated call, purporting to be from your bank, an official organisation or the police.

Fraudsters are incredibly adaptable though, so we can expect to receive fake alerts about things in the news (delayed passports, benefit payments or driving licences) or Christmas cons like texts telling…

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