Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value? Is BTC or the BSV blockchain the way to go? At the CoinGeek conference in New York, a panel with four experts dealt with these questions, moderated by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen.

The panelists include:

  • George Gilder – Economist, Writer, Investor and Technology Visionary
  • Dr. Craig Wright – Inventor of Bitcoin, Chief Scientist at nChain
  • Prof. Eswar Prasad – Tolani Senior Prof. of Trade Policy & Prof. of Economics, Cornell University
  • Rafael LaVerde – Economic Analyst, The Crypto Vigilante



Panelists’ comments on Dr. Wright’s keynote speech

The panel started with discussing Dr. Wright’s keynote speech on Bitcoin as an informational commodity. Gilder states that Dr. Wright is on point by categorizing Bitcoin as a commodity and that Bitcoin was not primarily made to be held by speculators—waiting for price appreciation, but designed to serve in the information economy. 

“Wealth is knowledge, growth is learning, and money is time. Craig understands: it is about time!” Gilder says in reference to Dr. Wright’s other keynote speech on time as a personal experience

Prof. Prasad, who recently published a book titled “The future of money – how the digital revolution is transforming currencies and finance,” states that he has other opinions on Bitcoin and digital money compared to his fellow panelists. Concerning Dr. Wright’s keynote speech on Bitcoin as an informational…

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