Cotopaxi cautions consumers about a recent uptick in fraudulent ‘Cotopaxi Outlet’ ads appearing on social media platforms.

This isn’t the first time faux sellers have emulated a major brand claiming to sell quality products at unreal discounts, and it won’t be the last. However, improved targeted ads on social media platforms like Facebook (Meta) and Instagram makes distinguishing genuine sellers from fictitious ones ever more difficult.

In a Nov. 7 post to LinkedIn, Cotopaxi’s CEO and founder, Davis Smith, warned, “For nearly three weeks we’ve been battling scammers on Facebook (aka Meta) who have defrauded thousands of customers. We are getting bombarded with inquiries from upset people wondering why they haven’t received their product.”

The company now has a page dedicated to scam mitigation. There, customers can find a growing list of false web addresses and social media accounts, a shortlist of verified Cotopaxi domains, and various resources for anyone who has fallen prey to crooked sellers.

Protect Yourself From Scam Cotopaxi Outlet Sellers

Fraudulent vendors are especially active during the weeks leading up to the holidays. As the first line of defense, ask yourself, “Does this deal seem…

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