CHICAGO (WLS) — COVID-19 related scams are costing Americans millions, according to recent data.

More than $588 million gone! The number is staggering.

That’s how much Americans lost to COVID-19 related scams according to Federal Trade Commission data since the beginning of 2020.

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The cybersecurity group BrandShield said beware of any website, social media page, or ad asking for upfront payment for the vaccine. That’s a scam because the vaccine is free.

Don’t click on any links within suspicious emails, texts, and social media direct messages, as many of those are using pandemic fears to prey on people.

If you have an upcoming booking for a flight or hotel, and you receive an email or text telling you that it has been canceled due to COVID — also beware. It could be a scam asking you to provide financial details so that you can get a refund.

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When in doubt, always go directly to company websites.

Cybercriminals have fake websites selling vaccines. There are fake post-vaccine surveys, forged emails from travel companies asking for personal information in order to give refunds for COVID-related cancellations and even crazy products for sale, such as “vaccine hard seltzers.”

What to look out for to avoid falling prey:

  • The vaccine is free in the United States so any website, social media page, or ad asking for upfront payment for the vaccine is a scam.
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