CRETE, Ill. (CBS) — This story comes from CBS 2 viewers who want to save you from becoming victims like they did.

A suburban family is out more than $6,000 to supposed contractors. CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas uncovered some information you should know before you think of hiring a contractor.

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If the walls at Donyiel and Terrance Crocker’s house could talk – or at least what’s left of them – they would tell you how the Crockers hired Urban Construction Group to do $2,800 worth of work to their house in Crete.

“They said they were a family owned business,” Donyiel Crocker said. “They seemed reputable.”

The Crockers found Urban on Yelp and on

“The reviews were recent, but they were all good,” Donyiel Crocker said. “We had had some trouble finding a contractor.”

The Crockers agreed to pay $1,400 upfront, and Urban knocked down some of their walls. Then, Urban convinced the Crockers to give up $5,000 more for supposed plumbing work.

“They were taking advantage of our lack of knowledge,” Terrance Crocker said.

Then, the so-called contractors said they would need even more money, because the house was not up to code. So the family called up an inspector with the Village of Crete, and he said the house was fine.

“The building inspector came – he saw them,” Donyiel Crocker said. “As soon as that happened, they decided to go for lunch.”


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