As House members await the Congressional Budget Office’s cost assessment of the Build Back Better package, outside progressives are attempting to hammer home their view that right-wing Democrats’ expressed concerns about the looming CBO deficit projection are completely cynical—and should be treated as such.

“The whole ‘pay for’ thing is a right-wing scam, and Democrats are dumb for playing by GOP rules that the GOP doesn’t itself follow.”

“When this is used as a pretense to further gut the bill, remember that 100% of concern about this CBO score is bad faith. Not 99%. 100%,” Vox‘s David Roberts tweeted Monday in response to news that the Biden White House is urging lawmakers to disregard the agency’s analysis, which the administration reportedly expects to diverge from its own cost estimates.

“The same corporate ‘moderates’ feigning concern about the CBO score are the ones fighting to reduce taxes on the wealthy in the bill,” Roberts added. “The deficit’s got fuck-all to do with it.”

According to the New York Times, the CBO is “likely to find that the cost of the overall package will not be fully paid for with new tax revenue over the coming decade.”

The central disagreement between the White House and the ostensibly nonpartisan CBO—which is currently headed by a Republican—is over the projected amount of federal savings that would be produced by investing in IRS enforcement.

The Times reported that the CBO believes funding an IRS crackdown on rich tax evaders, as

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