Home surveillance cameras film the raiders entering the property and fleeing with the goods without paying as expert warns Christmas will “exacerbate” a growing problem of scam raids

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Gumtree thieves steal a PS5 from man’s house

Thieves enter a dad’s house on the pretence of buying a PlayStation 5 – then flee with the £500 console in a terrifying ordeal.

Shaken Luke Anderson, 37, is the latest victim of a scam in which crooks offer to buy goods advertised online.

They arrange a pick-up, but have no intention of paying.

In some cases victims have been sprayed with acid, throttled or held at knifepoint.

Phones, tech equipment and jewellery are often targets in what experts fear is a festive “steal to order” surge.

Luke was at least spared violence – though he says cronies of the thieves were waiting outside his house.

1 – ‘Buyers’ talk to Luke about his PS5

The PS5 is in huge demand and has been since its launch last autumn.

Luke, who works in marketing, bought a console for £450 on Amazon this month, in case his family wanted to give it as a Christmas present.

There were no takers so he put it up for sale on Gumtree, at £500.

Home surveillance cameras filmed the raiders.

2 – Luke reacts as one of the men grabs the console

Luke, of Hounslow, West London, said: “One guy asked if he could come to my house. But then he…

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