COINBASE may soon eclipse Bitcoin in the crypto space.

“Coinbase brings a different level of credibility to the space, being the only publicly listed company in the cryptocurrency industry,” AMBCrypto reported.

Meanwhile, in a Twitter poll, users agreed that Dogecoin should be accepted at AMC.

“SO FASCINATING! Dogecoin Poll was by far my highest ever read tweet,” the company CEO wrote on Twitter.

“In 24 hours, 4.2 million views, my most ever retweets, most ever replies. 140,000 votes 77% yes 23% no. It’s clear that you think AMC should accept Dogecoin.”

“Now we need to figure out how to do that. Stay tuned!”

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    Despite its claim to be a stablecoin, Tether has still witnessed spikes and sharp falls in price, Susannah Streeter, senior investment and markets analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, noted in May.

    She told The Sun: “It has also been criticized for a lack of transparency, has had to settle US lawsuits, and trading in the currency is banned in the state of New York.”


    The cryptocurrency was co-founded by payments industry veterans Molly Zheng, Shawn Shi and John Tan.

    Trading for Alchemy Pay first began in September 2020.

    According to Alchemy Pay, it is the “world’s first” hybrid crypto and fiat payment gateway.

    Through Alchemy Pay, users are allowed to receive payments in the local currency of their choice, regardless of how it is…

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