A man has revealed how one tiny error he could never have predicted saw him lose out on a massive $8 million fortune.

A trader has been left gutted after he lost out on a $US6 million ($A8 million) fortune by selling dogecoin a day too early.

The mystery trader has explained how he managed to make over $US2 million profit ($A2.7 million) on shiba inu and dogecoin but admitted he could have made much more if he hadn’t cashed in so soon.

However, the investor said he is happy with the life-changing profits he made as he was able to buy a house.

The trader explained he held his nerve as the price of shiba inu flatlined during what he called the “winter months”.

He claimed he then made $US1.1 million ($A1.5 million) profit after selling up over the last month, on top of $US1 million ($A1.3 million) profit from dogecoin earlier this year.

Writing on a Reddit forum, the trader said he sold the last of his total of 42 billion Shiba Inu around seven days ago, totalling $US1.5 million ($A2 million).

Since then the value has kept climbing, and selling the same investment today would net around $US3 million ($A4 million).

He said: “Waiting for more would be greedy, I’ve been wanting to buy a house and basically just got a free one.”

The trader went on to reveal: “I made a million with Doge earlier this year and had I waited one more day it would have been 7 million.

“I was bummed but looking back now, I’m happier that I have the money than I am sad that I don’t have…

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