SHIBA Inu coin was down in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as Bitcoin saw a huge spike.

Shiba Inu coins are cryptocurrency tokens and allow users to hold trillions of them, according to its website.

The coin was down almost three percent on Tuesday, according to CoinBase.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin was up about two percent as of 8am ET on Tuesday morning.

The popular crypto was over $63,000, as of 7:45am ET.

It comes after it was announced Burger King is giving away free coins to customers.

The fast-food chain announced it is partnering with RobinHood to give away Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin through its app.

The promotion started this month and runs until December, a company statement said.

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    In 2017, China shut down its local cryptocurrency exchanges.

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    Speaking to the BBC, the two 30-something German men behind the channel explained that the idea started as a joke.

    “We felt that everything keeps getting more expensive these days and building savings is super-hard to achieve with high rents to pay,” they said.

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    “We were joking about whether my hamster would be…

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