VIETNAM is experiencing a growth in cryptocurrency use despite the International Monetary Fund warning its adoption in emerging markets could threaten stability.

It comes as Shiba Inu experienced a surge of ten percent over the past three days with the price predicted to grow higher.

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell announced Thursday that there are no plans to ban cryptocurrency in the US, and prices soared 10 percent.

Meanwhile, in El Salvador, the country has made its first forays into Bitcoin mining using power generated by a volcano, according to a video released by state-owned geothermal electric company, LaGeo SA de CV.

The first Bitcoin mining rigs have been installed in an energy factory there, where weeks ago, President Nayib Bukele made the cryptocurrency legal tender.

Bitcoin was up to a price of $47,974.84 on Coinbase on Saturday morning, and the overall cryptocurrency market cap jumped back above the $2 trillion mark.

Plus, Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to be traded on Wall Street and Coinbase is now allowing deposits in its accounts from users.

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    Coinbase showed that the value of Bitcoin was up on Thursday afternoon.

    As of this afternoon, it was up 4.05percent in the past 24 hours.


    Hashgraph is similar to a blockchain and was created in 2017 by American computer scientist Leemon Baird.

    The Hedera Hashgraph system is a distributed ledger…

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