Kolkata police will organise a session soon where a teacher or staff from every school across the city will undergo training on how to teach students about cyberbullies and online frauds.

Police officers dealing with online crimes and bank frauds said a considerable amount of the complaints they receive are from young victims who have either been cheated or bullied online on social media or have been ignorant in using their smartphones causing financial losses to their parents.

“The idea is to percolate cyber awareness among children to protect them from online frauds, cyberbullying and online stalking. Earlier, we used to organise such awareness camps in individual schools. But now we are trying to cover all schools by inviting one representative from each school,” said deputy commissioner (cyber crime) Bidisha Kalita.

According to police records, the number of online frauds reported at Lalbazar in the last one and a half years has increased many times compared to their numbers in the pre-pandemic times.

Covid restrictions have forced a large number of people to use online modes of transaction, which they were otherwise not habituated with.

“Such people are most vulnerable and many of them have fallen prey to online frauds by responding to fraudulent phone calls or by clicking…

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