More than 350 partners, including across the United States, joined the fight this year under the theme “let’s talk scams.”

the more we talk about scams, the more awareness we have, and the harder it is for scammers to steal money or personal information.”

— Timothy Benson, Chief Analyst

SOFIA, BULGARIA, November 10, 2021 / —, an industry leader in providing cyber-forensics services for victims of online scams, reported a parallel outbreak of online scams in the covid-19 pandemic. As of 2021, the Federal Trade Commission reported approximately 625,000 consumer complaints related to Covid-19.

Statistically, newly released data by the FTC indicates that these scams have cost consumers an approximate $587.2 million loss.

However, as nations observe Scam Awareness Week 2021, world leaders feel compelled to address the issue immediately.

Understanding the urgency of the matter, reputed organizations are hopping on the Scam Awareness Week campaigns under the theme “Let’s talk scams.” It is an effort to initiate honest discussions aimed at helping people detect and prevent falling victims to online fraud.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service Office of Inspector General stepped in to alert the public related to novel Coronavirus. Today, scammers use more and more sophisticated tricks like telemarketing calls, social media platforms,…

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