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Cyber Forensic Specialist

Chargeback assistance program: A ray of hope for online scam victims- joins the fight

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2021 / — Losing money in an online scam can take a severe mental and financial toll on the victim. Trying to navigate the chargeback process without any expertise makes it harder to recover money because, in most cases, the victim doesn’t have the proper knowledge and information to get the money back.

Chargeback assistance programs are designed to help online scam victims to make the chargeback process easier. The experts’ precise understanding of how to get money back aligned with specific tools necessary is already being applauded by many victims.

While talking about the newly launched program, Timothy Benson, a chief analyst at, said,” It is better for online scam victims to contact a chargeback company because trying to do it all by oneself with no expertise could permanently damage chances of success. Free consultation can provide both solace and a better strategy to get the hard earned money back.”, an industry leader in providing cyber-forensics services, has recently launched a new chargeback assistance program for online scam victims.

How does Chargebacks Assistance work?

A chargeback is the payment amount returned to a debit or credit…

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