Throughout the pandemic, people relied on their electronic devices more than usual to keep in touch with others and work from home.

Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) statistics show that this opened up the opportunity for hackers to commit fraud, and the amount of internet scams in Saskatoon has skyrocketed.

According to SPS, internet scams have gone up by just over 500 per cent in the last five years.

This year alone, police have handled almost 350 cases where residents have experienced fraud on an electronic device.

“More people are interacting online, moving their work, their play to an online environment, and, as such, it makes them more vulnerable to fraudsters,” said S/Sgt. Matthew Bradford.

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Chief technology officer of Complete Technologies, Justin Schultenkamper, said the rise in frauds is to be expected since the internet is used globally and for so many reasons.

“Hackers don’t care where you live because everyone’s all in the same place when they’re all on the internet.”

Over the course of the pandemic, more people were stuck at home, meaning they were most likely using their devices more often for work, making purchases and contacting family.

Phishing emails, false links and fake phone calls or texts from someone asking for money or pretending to be a trusted source, such as the Canada Revenue…

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