Cybercriminal scams €1 million from Sevilla City Council.
CREDIT: Pixabay

A CYBERCRIMINAL has defrauded €1 million from Sevilla City Council in an online scam

A cybercriminal has reportedly managed to steal almost €1 million from Sevilla City Council while posing as a legitimate client of the entity.

It would seem that this online criminal used the identity of a company that had won the contract to supply last year’s Christmas lights for the city. He then emailed the City Council requesting they changed the account number where the municipal treasury should make the payment for the service being provided by the ‘company’.

With this simple scam, the criminal was around €1 million better off, while Sevilla’s treasury was severely out of pocket.

ABC interviewed a hacker who, for obvious reasons, keeps his identity hidden, but he acts as an advisor to public entities and companies. These clients go to him for help when information is hijacked through ransomware, or they need to locate a failure in their systems in record time. Usually it would be a failure that could compromise the work of a corporation, thus exposing themselves to their competitors.

As this anonymous hacker revealed, “The lack of culture in computer security is key in this type of fraud. The company’s email may have been compromised, but in the end, the City Council staff failed to detect that something was wrong when they received the email from the…

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