Chicago (WLS)-Here are some quick tips on fraud and financial crimes that have hit Chicago citizens.

The cloud security group Feedzai conducted a financial crime report and said it found a 56% increase in these types of fraud in Chicago.

The report ranked Chicago as the 7th most dangerous city.

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Top financial crimes to watch out for:

  • Buy scams -If you buy something online and never get it. You should only shop on trusted websites and always use your credit card.
  • Social engineering scam -This is where scammers use information posted on social media to steal IDs and learn passwords. Do not over-share or publish details such as your mother’s maiden name or date of birth online.
  • Click here for the complete Feedzai report

    Top scams by Feedzai:

    1. Buy a scam
    2. Social engineering scam
    3. Spoofing scam
    4. Account hijacking (ATO) fraud
    5. Smithing scam

    The most dangerous US cities of fraud:

    As fraud is on the rise, the report analyzes the geographic fraud rates in the United States and reveals the cities with the highest fraud growth in the past year. The most dangerous cities are:
    1. Las Vegas (Scams increased by 411%)
    2. New York (up 396%)
    3. Charleston (up 251%)
    4. Nashville (up 193%)
    5. San Diego (up 97%)
    6. Orlando (up 80%)
    7. Chicago (up 56%)
    8. New Orleans (up 48%)

    Consumer Tips to Prevent Online Fraud from Feedzai:

    1.1. Listen to your bank -Banks are constantly…

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