DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Don’t be a victim! The Dearborn Police Department is warning residents of gift card scams after receiving several reports from residents.

The police department issued a number of safety tips to keep residents safe from gift card scammers.

Authorities released the following tips so you can be aware before becoming a victim of a gift card scam:

• Most gift card scams occur via phone calls

• Victims will receive a phone call from an unknown person claiming they represent the Social Security, IRS or other government agency. Callers may also claim they are calling from a utility company or the lottery.

• Some phone scams involve callers claiming a family member is in a financial emergency such as needing bond money or money for a medical emergency.

• These scammers will direct victims to buy one o more gift cards and use the cards as a quick means of payment. The scammers will ask the victim to read the gift card numbers to the caller which will allow the scammer to steal the funds from the gift cards.

• Here are some other ways the scam artist will try to trick people into sending gift card information:

-To avoid arrest or deportation
-Pay a member in the military who needs money
-For computer tech support

• Gift cards cannot be used to pay for legal fees or bail
• Gift cards cannot be used to pay for a medical emergency response/treatment
• Gift cards cannot be used to pay for taxes
• Do not share gift card numbers with anyone
• Trust…

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