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By Edul Patel

Most Indians consider festivals to be an auspicious occasion to invest in gold and other assets. While gold is usually considered the safest asset class, investing in gold does come with its set of challenges. First of all, storing the physical gold can be a cumbersome task. Secondly, the capital required to invest in gold is quite high. Moreover, the return on investment in gold is pretty low, as there is not much capital appreciation in gold.

However, gold investors would argue that the key elements associated with gold are its ability to be a hedge against inflation. Although traditionally that was true, it might not be the case now! The reckless printing of money by the central banks worldwide has made inflation go much higher, almost outweighing the capital appreciation in gold.

The younger demographic in India is slowly starting to explore investment avenues beyond gold for diversification. And thus enters the asset class of cryptocurrencies that have managed to outperform every other asset class by miles. This asset class has given a massive return on investment and is completely digital, eliminating the hassle of storing a high-valued physical asset. Unlike gold, investing in cryptocurrencies does not need a high capital to start.

With the increase in awareness among investors, several Indians have already taken the first step towards investing in cryptocurrencies. Several cryptocurrency platforms, including many global ones, are…

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