Popular social networking platform Discord recently stirred a series of speculations following a single tweet from its chief executive. In the same, the CEO shared a screenshot, one that hinted at Discord joining hands with the world’s largest altcoin – Ethereum. Ergo, let’s deep dive into this further and assess whether this could be a game-changer.

The speculations were fueled after Jason Citron responded to Packy McCormick, the author of Notboring.co. The latter tweeted the following,

Discord CEO and Founder Citron was quick to give his perspective on this ambiguous tweet. The exec shared a screenshot of what appears to be Discord settings that allow users to connect to Ethereum

“Probably nothing,” he simply said.

Source: Twitter

The aforementioned screenshot pictures the option to connect using Ethereum wallet MetaMask or chain-agnostic wallet connector WalletConnect. The idea is simple – Imagine that every Discord account came with a crypto-wallet. Maybe this wallet would support the Ethereum ecosystem, like Metamask or Rainbow, or Solana, like Phantom.

Worth noting, however, that high gas fees would make it inconvenient for daily use….

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