Memecoins add entertainment value to the crypto ecosystem though, for some, it is a serious way to make quick returns on investments. Dogecoin is the front runner amongst this set and is currently the #9th largest cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu is proving to be a worthy competitor to DOGE and is currently at the #10th spot. Both of these tokens have performed impressively since their inception despite the meme status. That said, both the tokens, as well as respective communities, have been locking horns to gain superiority over each other.

In an interesting tune of events, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus shed light on a series of tweets. It contained a phone screen capture of a comment thread, including hundreds of links related to scam filled “Shiba” projects that have nothing to do with the real SHIB currency.

Even though, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t comment (yet), one of the product leads at Twitter replied to the thread. “Digging into this. sorry, and thanks for flagging,” he said. Others too reported such harassment in the same thread.

Nonetheless, if Twitter takes any action against these people or not, only time will tell. Although, this wasn’t it. SHIB community members, as obvious, were quick to harass the DOGE chief in question. Something, that Markus highlighted in a series of tweets later.

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