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Dominion Energy is reminding customers of the telltale signs of utility scams and what to do to stay safe.

Customers were advised to slow down, stop, hang up and verify when they believe they have encountered a scam.

Dominion Energy never demands immediate payment and does not accept payment using prepaid or gift cards.

Some scammers may appear on caller ID as though they are calling from Dominion Energy. Customers are advised to not provide any personal information when in doubt of the caller’s identity and to hang up.

Scammers do not typically know the customer’s account balance. Dominion recommended fact checking the scammer’s claims by signing into the Dominion Energy app, online at or calling the number located on an energy bill.

Dominion Energy can help customers facing financial hardship. Customers can access payment and assistance options at, through the Dominion Energy app or by calling the number located on an energy bill for account questions. Company representatives can work with customers to find the best payment option.

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This article originally appeared on The Times-Reporter: Dominion Energy releases scam warning

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