Did you receive a text message saying your Netflix account has been locked? Or perhaps a text offer for a student loan? It’s just a new variation of an old scam.

“Smishing” refers to phishing (stealing personal or financial data through deceptive communications) by way of SMS (short message service or text). These texts look like they come from companies consumers already do business with or even government agencies like the IRS or SSA. They trick consumers into believing there is a problem with an account and they must provide personal information, passwords or financial information. Once scammers acquire this information, they can infect consumers’ devices with malware or steal their money.

If you receive a text like this, contact the company or agency to verify whether there is a problem with your account. Forward suspected scam texts to 7726 (SPAM), a spam reporting service run by the mobile phone industry.

More information at marincountyda.org or 415-473-6495

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