I JUST RECEIVED A call for a jeweler I help a lot about how they got “snookered” out of an $8,000 gold bracelet. Here’s what happened.

1. Two older men come in, look around and “eye” the heavy gold bracelet.

2. Next day, two young white men come in the store. One’s on his cell phone talking, for distraction.

3. The other looks at and buys the bracelet with a DEBIT CARD. Most debit cards have a maximum spendable limit anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000. They run the card in the machine for $8,000, and of course it’s declined. The young man says, “Happens all the time, let ME call the credit card company,” and he calls a bogus phone number, which happens to be his friend who has rehearsed this.

4. He then hands the phone to the associate, saying “Here, they have a code for you.”

5. The bogus friend gives them a bogus authorization code, but it GOES THROUGH and prints a receipt (see image).

6. Staff thinks it’s all OK and everyone is good. But the owner is suspicious, follows the guy out of the store who walks a block, takes a right and gets in a waiting car.

7. They do have cameras and photocopies of the driver’s license (I hope to share this as soon as I get a copy).

They called the credit card processor who said, “Oh, this is the biggest scam going, you can Google how to do this in a store.”

How can you make sure you’re not “snookered”?

SIMPLE: The store calls the credit card processor phone number they gave you when you got your…

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