UTAH (ABC4) – Do you use Venmo? If so, make sure you’re not sending money to a fake friend on the app in a new scam.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning Venmo users of a new scam where perpetrators pose as your friend. Nowadays, we all use digital payment apps so it’s important to stay alert in case you become the next target.

How the scam works

You’ll receive a Venmo request you weren’t expecting from a friend. The friend will ask for money using an excuse such as they lost their wallet, there’s an emergency, etc. The profile photo and name will look familiar to the real account. Before you send anything, make sure to check their username carefully.

At first glance, the username will look familiar, but will typically have a minor misspelling such as an extra letter in their name. In any situation where you receive a request for money that you weren’t expecting, the best practice is to call or text the person in real life to confirm. If you can’t reach them, tap on their Venmo profile to see a history of their recent requests and transactions. If the one sent to you isn’t there, it’s a scam.

Scammers are able to impersonate your personal contacts by using the information visible on your public profile. Your Venmo profile will usually show a list of recipients you’ve had transactions with. All it takes…

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