The Grinch steals a Christmas Tree in this 2019 file photo.
Craig Press file

Provided in partnership with Craig bankers.

The nip of Fall is in the air. Leaves have fallen and snow is dusting our mountaintops. The change in scenery also signals the beginning of the Holiday shopping season. Don’t let the Grinch steal your Holiday spirit by falling prey to online scams. Just as Santa checks his list for those naughty and nice, check your online “dos and don’ts” when shopping online.

The best way to avoid online scams is to avoid online shopping. SHOP LOCAL and avoid the internet. Support local businesses and artists. Shop in-person, share the spirit of the holidays with local shoppers and merchants!

If you shop online, avoid the dupe scam. The scam starts with a recorded message on your phone. The message will use the name of popular online sites such as Apple or Amazon. The message will prey on your security conscience by stating there is an issue with your account or there has been a security breach to your account.

The message will then ask you to press 1 to speak to a company representative or will provide a number to call. This is the Grinch trying to steal your personal information. Outsmart the Grinch. Do NOT press 1. Instead, HANG UP. Do NOT call the number the message provides. And the NUMBER 1 rule this Holiday Season is do NOT give the Grinch any personal information. If you are concerned that…

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