We want to help you “keep your spirits bright” during the holidays, so your BBB reminds you to do your homework before buying that perfect addition to your decorating collection from an online ad. BBB is receiving more and more reports on BBB Scam Tracker about false advertisements and phony promises for holiday décor, many of which are being touted on social media.


How the scam works

You are searching for some holiday decorations for your home or lawn. You come across the ideal item(s) through a social media ad or a search result. The photos on the website look great and the decorations are larger-than-life with incredible lights and/or features and, best of all, low prices.

You make your payment and wait for the decorations to arrive. However, when your package is delivered, the product could be nothing like what you saw online. In some cases you might not receive anything at all.

It’s likely you’ll struggle to locate the company or an ad again, leaving you without a way to return the items or receive a refund directly from the business.

A great example happened last year when a consumer says she purchased a rainbow colored Christmas tree from a social media ad. The ad listed the price at just $27.99 and pictured what appeared to be a 7-foot tree with branches fully adorned in rainbow colors.

When her package arrived the purchaser was shocked to find a miniature tree with just five colored branches – so small that one news outlet compared…

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