BOTTOMS GROW This now-obsolete map shows a previous 8-acre “reduced scale alternative,” which has been further reduced. The Board of Supervisors eliminated the 2.3 acres of outdoor light-deprivation greenhouses and added several conditions of approval. The neighborhood at right is Westwood Village. Via County of Humboldt

Arcata Land Co. cannabis op will start at one acre, expand incrementally if CUP conditions are satisfied

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

ARCATA BOTTOM – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved what may become a 5.7-acre cannabis grow operation for applicant Arcata Land Co., controlled by Sun Valley Floral Farm.

Originally proposed for 22.9 acres, the Planning Commission later approved a reduced-size 8-acre project comprising 2.3 acres of outdoor light-deprivation cultivation 5.7 acres of mixed-light cultivation in enclosed greenhouses. The approved project eliminates the 2.3-acre component.

A number of other conditions were also applied to the project, including solarizing the operation over a five-year period, establishment of an adjacent, 500-foot organic easement and creation of a bicycle-pedestrian trail along Foster Avenue.

In addition, county officials may make up to four no-notice inspections to verify compliance with the Conditional Use Permit. County staff will also follow up on any odor complaints.

The odor issue proved to be the project’s weakest point, and successfully one used by opponents to leverage restrictions….

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