The Dryden Police Service is alerting the public of multiple Banking Scams hitting the area.

Police say scammers are calling victims advising of unusual transactions on their account.

Scammers then say they can rectify the account withdrawals but request that the victims go and purchase pre-paid Mastercard credit cards.

Once the cards are purchased, the victim then provides the code on the back of the cards.

Police stress to never give out personal information over the phone and when confronted by a call like this not to take immediate action.

Police go on to say listen to what the caller is asking you but when you received a request or threat for money, it’s a scam.

Other clues indicating it could be a scam, is that no financial institution, government agency, Credit Card Company or Passport Canada will ever request payment be made by Western Union, or in the form of gift or credit cards.

DPS asks residents to share this information with family members and those most vulnerable in the community including seniors.

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