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For the last two years, you might have heard at least something about cryptocurrencies. Their fantastic race — up/down/up/down. Some create their own crypto farms. Others invest everything into the currency of their choice. And all of you are reading about the latest updates on Bitcoin: some with hopes, some with anger, even. And while many people keep their eyes glued to BTC, the Chinese strike with no warning. They have created their own crypto currency — e Yuan (the-yuanpay-system.net).

Let’s talk in a bit simpler terms. The Yuan Pay Group is one of the Chinese majors, which have been working in the Blockchain field since 2014.

If you haven’t forgotten yet — 2013 was the year when Bitcoin revealed to the world all of its hindrances, such as:

  1. Limited scalability.
  2. Huge transaction fees.
  3. Can’t use this currency to pay in ordinary shops.

And while people around the world were wondering how to overcome these issues, Chinese programmers and engineers started working on their own Cryptocurrency. Without encountering the difficulties that many less-experienced competitors face, the Chinese were working fundamentally. This was before the ICO-Scams wave, before ETH entered the market, and before CryptoBoom’s peak in 2017.

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