Tribune staff learned over the weekend of a possible scam we wanted to warn our readers about.

A community member reportedly received a phone call from someone claiming to be Managing Editor Sarah Stultz with the Albert Lea Tribune. The caller demanded money.

Knowing something wasn’t right, the community member hung up the phone before the caller could go any further.

We hope anyone else who receives a similar call under the guise of the Tribune or any other individual or business in the community will follow the example of this community member and keep your guard up.

The Albert Lea Police Department in the last month had the same thing happen to one of its officers.

Darren Hanson, deputy chief with the Albert Lea Police Department, said with calls like these, it is important to trust your gut.

While police say sometimes it can be helpful to note the phone number that these questionable calls come from, in many instances scammers can mimic another phone number.

If you think you might owe money to the Tribune or any other business that you may receive a phone call about, it’s best to call or stop down to the business directly and make sure your account is settled up.

For the Tribune, specifically, our editor would never be making calls on accounts, as she oversees the news for the newspaper and does not handle these matters. The Tribune also is never going to call someone and ask them to send money through a money transfer company or give iTunes…

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