During and post-Covid 19 the world has been hit by a tsunami of fraud. With the move to electronic money where everyone has their money in digital form, the criminals have realised this has made it easier for them to part you from your money. They don’t
need a gun, a knife – just a phone and a computer and they don’t have to come to you. They can be anywhere in the world.

So how do you survive in this dangerous new environment? At ODPT, we put our heads together and put together eight simple rules that should help keep you and your money safe.  Tell us what you think of them, have we missed anything important?

 1.   Be suspicious of unsolicited text messages

In the text message scam, the target receives a text message that sends a link to listen to a new voicemail. Open the link and your smartphone could be infected with malware that could allow scammers to access your account. Criminals will send a target an
email claiming to be from the NHS, asking you to click a link to apply for a ‘Digital Coronavirus Passport’. At some point, you will be asked for personal information and or a fee.

ODPT Recommends: Be suspicious of all messages from unknown numbers, especially ones that contain links. Do not follow the link. Block the number and delete the message.

 2.   Cryptocurrency can lose you money – faster than you think

Cryptocurrency is the latest craze where you are led to believe you can make a lot of money by simply investing your money and…

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