Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne revealed her “greatest bamboozlement” on stages years before being dragged into her husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement drama.

Recently, a clip of Jayne speaking at a 2018 Tedx conference in Pasadena. It’s unclear why she was invited but the title of her speech was “My Unapologetic Alter Ego: Living Life as an Exaggerated Figment of People’s Imaginations,”

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In the video, Jayne is heard telling the audience how she tricked Americans into believing she was her alter ego “Erika Jayne” and not Erika Girardi, which is her government name.

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She continued, “But what happened that I did not expect, is people thought this Erika Jayne character was totally and completely me. This art project that I created in order to get back to what I loved the most – performing — was all I was ever allowed to be.”

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“It’s the greatest bamboozlement I’ve ever accomplished because Erika Jayne merely erased Erika Girardi.”

The clip of Jayne describing how she plays two different roles is interesting. At the moment, the RHOBH star is being grilled about what she knew and what she didn’t know when it came to her husband’s finances. Girardi, a once-respected lawyer, was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is accused of running his law firm like a Ponzi scheme for over a decade.

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