I is for IRS

Season 2

Episode 11

Editor’s Rating

5 stars

Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Nothing like a little Satan-worshipping to bring out the devil in you, huh? “I is For IRS” has a lot of elements at play, but it mostly comes down to a battle for Kristen’s soul. Evil has been playing around with the idea of Kristen being possessed since the end of season one, and her actions and behavior since have pointed toward something going on with her. There’s the murdering, the growing aggression, and anger (see also: Frozen Fry Incident), the flirting with the idea of cheating on her husband, the fire jinn hallucinations, all that burning crucifixes on her body, and more! Now whether it’s actual possession by the devil (if you’re into that stuff), something with her meds, or her new job giving her more agency, that’s for you to decide depending on what you believe. Regardless, Kristen is certainly walking a tightrope between good and evil, and her fate depends on which way she decides to tip. This episode might resolve that issue.

When Andy returns home, he notices the changes in his wife immediately, and they scare him — they’re still in therapy about it (didn’t…

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