What is faith? What is religion? Can you benefit from their rituals if you don’t believe them?

At what point do you question your beliefs when all evidence suggests you’re wrong?

There are so many questions at play during EVIL Season 2 that it’s hard to keep up. But damn, is it fun.

EVIL Season 2 Episode 11 might be called “I Is for IRS,” but using the IRS is merely a shoehorn to get to the bigger issues posited above.

The almighty dollar is greater than any deity in our God-forsaken world, but it’s still bizarre that a financial bureaucracy is a determining factor of what is, in fact, a religion.

You can say that it’s only focused on tax-exempt status, but that status tends to weed out what people consider religions, allowing us to poo-poo the others that don’t meet the stringent (or, four) requirements.

Kristen: This is a scam, isn’t it?
Graham: Oh, yee of little faith. No more than your church.

An IRS ruling equates to official recognition. You don’t even have to think too hard to see the irony in that. Essentially, faith is belief, while religion is government recognition. As if government recognition makes anything legit, let alone authentic.

But those looming themes work well within EVIL’s structure of button-pushing and questioning perceived reality.

By default, Leland believes in God. He doesn’t worship him, but he has to believe because to believe in Satan is to believe in his opposition.

By contrast, Kristen believes in…

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