Ronald “Wayne” Schroeder, the ex-president of a Bank of San Antonio financing subsidiary, has entered into a plea deal in a fraud case that the institution says cost it $13.2 million.

Schroeder, who was indicted by a federal grand jury a year ago, has agreed to plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. The agreement was filed Monday but a plea hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Schroeder, 49, of New Braunfels, becomes the fifth and final defendant in the case to enter a plea rather than go to trial. He’s the only insider charged, however.

The five were indicted a few months after the Bank of San Antonio disclosed that it had uncovered a “Ponzi-style fraud scheme” involving Schroeder.

Schroeder had headed the bank’s factoring subsidiary, Texas Express Funding. Factoring involves advancing cash to companies in return for acquiring, at a discount, the debts owed to them. This allows the companies to get money quickly instead of waiting for customers to pay their bills.

The factoring firm makes money on the difference between what it acquired the debts for and what the customers owe on the invoices. The firm is an extension of the bank’s commercial lending business.

According to the indictment, the four other defendants assisted Schroeder in providing false and…

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