Police have issued an urgent warning after an elderly man was scammed out of £30,000 by phone fraudsters pretending to be from BT.

The incident happened last Thursday (23 September), prompting West Mercia Police to issue a bulletin warning people to be on their guard against suspicious phone calls.

In this case, the victim was called with the perpetrators pretending to be from BT. They then asked him to download an application onto his mobile.

Once the app was downloaded, they then convinced the man to log in using his online banking details and thereafter to transfer a sum of money to another account for “safekeeping.”

In a statement, West Mercia Police said: “We received a report from an elderly victim… that he was telephoned and told by the fake BT staff that there was suspicious activity on his account.

“Once he had downloaded the app, the offenders then took control. They showed him a transaction of £30,000 into his current account and said that he needed to transfer it into a different account for safekeeping,” they said.

The scammers then asked…

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